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posted Feb 13, 2018, 10:40 AM by Bonnie Lovell

Sample ballots are now posted in documents.


posted Feb 7, 2018, 6:33 AM by Bonnie Lovell

The BCA and Special Selectboard meeting is cancelled tonight due to the upcoming storm. BCA Meeting will be Monday at 7pm and the Selectboard Meeting will be scheduled for Friday at 1pm.

2018 Warned Articles

posted Feb 2, 2018, 9:46 AM by Bonnie Lovell

Town Officer Election

posted Jan 16, 2018, 10:50 AM by Bonnie Lovell   [ updated Jan 23, 2018, 8:51 AM ]

if you would like to stand for any of the following offices, please contact the Town Clerk or download and print the attached forms. 

To appear on the ballot at town meeting, you must return petition form with at least 2 signatures (must be Maidstone Registered Voters) and complete the Consent Form no later than 6pm Monday January 29, 2018.

Moderator - 1 year
Town Treasurer - 3 years
Selectboard Member - 1 year
Selectboard Member - 3 years
Lister - 3 Years
Lister - 2 years
Lister - 3 year
Auditor - 3 year
Constable - 1 year
Delinquent Tax Collector - 1 year
Town Grand Juror - 1 year
Town Agent - 1 year

Warned Articles

posted Jan 16, 2018, 10:47 AM by Bonnie Lovell

Any Warned Articles for Town meeting can be submitted to the Town Clerk no later than January 18, 2018 by 3PM. 

Town of Maidstone does not accept prepayment of property Taxes - see below that it wouldn't be deductible anyway. thanks.

posted Jan 2, 2018, 7:28 AM by Bonnie Lovell

IR-2017-210, Dec. 27, 2017

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service advised tax professionals and taxpayers today that pre-paying 2018 state and local real property taxes in 2017 may be tax deductible under certain circumstances.

The IRS has received a number of questions from the tax community concerning the deductibility of prepaid real property taxes. In general, whether a taxpayer is allowed a deduction for the prepayment of state or local real property taxes in 2017 depends on whether the taxpayer makes the payment in 2017 and the real property taxes are assessed prior to 2018.  A prepayment of anticipated real property taxes that have not been assessed prior to 2018 are not deductible in 2017.  State or local law determines whether and when a property tax is assessed, which is generally when the taxpayer becomes liable for the property tax imposed.

The following examples illustrate these points.

Example 1: Assume County A assesses property tax on July 1, 2017 for the period July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.  On July 31, 2017, County A sends notices to residents notifying them of the assessment and billing the property tax in two installments with the first installment due Sept. 30, 2017 and the second installment due Jan. 31, 2018.   Assuming taxpayer has paid the first installment in 2017, the taxpayer may choose to pay the second installment on Dec. 31, 2017, and may claim a deduction for this prepayment on the taxpayer’s 2017 return.

Example 2: County B also assesses and bills its residents for property taxes on July 1, 2017, for the period July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018. County B intends to make the usual assessment in July 2018 for the period July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.  However, because county residents wish to prepay their 2018-2019 property taxes in 2017, County B has revised its computer systems to accept prepayment of property taxes for the 2018-2019 property tax year.  Taxpayers who prepay their 2018-2019 property taxes in 2017 will not be allowed to deduct the prepayment on their federal tax returns because the county will not assess the property tax for the 2018-2019 tax year until July 1, 2018.

The IRS reminds taxpayers that a number of provisions remain available this week that could affect 2017 tax bills. Time remains to make charitable donations. See IR-17-191 for more information. The deadline to make contributions for individual retirement accounts - which can be used by some taxpayers on 2017 tax returns - is the April 2018 tax deadline. has more information on these and other provisions to help taxpayers prepare for the upcoming filing season.

Thoughts & Prayers

posted Dec 18, 2017, 9:26 AM by Bonnie Lovell

Thoughts & Prayers to the Ingerson Family with the loss of Marna - a long time Maidstone Lake Camp Owner.  Marna - an MLA Board member always was so giving of her time, talents, and treasures to all she met.  In spite of not feeling well - she pushed to stay active in the MLA by shepherding the welcome wagon program, organizing food for our Annual meetings, and baking some of the best breakfast breads you will ever taste.  May your spirit live on in all of us...


Marna Lou LaPointe Ingerson passed away on December, 9th at her home on Maidstone Lake, Vermont, surrounded by her family after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

She was born in Lancaster, NH, on August 20, 1947, the daughter of Leo and Arlene Silsby LaPointe. She went to Stratford Hollow Elementary School before attending middle school at Our Lady of Grace School in Colebrook, NH. In June of 1964, she graduated from Lancaster Academy. Following high school, she attended Plymouth State College, earning a Bachelor of Education Degree in Early Childhood Education in 1968.

Her teaching took her to many interesting places all over the world. She started in the Brookfield, CT, school system teaching kindergarten for two years. Then she moved to Groveton, NH, and set up their first public kindergarten. After that, she substituted in several school systems while traveling with her husband who was in the U.S. Air Force. Her travels provided teaching opportunities in schools at Limestone, ME; the US Defense System School in Madrid, Spain; and finally, a private school in West Carrolton, OH. After her husband retired from the Air Force she taught at the Lancaster Elementary School for 18 years before retiring. Following retirement, she took on the leadership of the “Growing Together” grant for the White Mountains Regional School District. She led this program for two years and made many educational connections in the North Country. Her efforts helped several independent day care centers in the district to develop an integrated program to better prepare children for introduction to the public school system. 

She was active in her community, often putting others before herself. She was a member and President of Delta Kappa Gamma, an educational organization encouraging young women to go into teaching. She served on many professional committees within the organization across the state of New Hampshire. She was a member of the Whitefield Needlers who diligently made comfort quilts for cancer patients at the Weeks Medical Center in Lancaster. The Whitefield Trinity United Methodist Church served as her home of worship. While teaching, she was a member of the White Mountains Education Association. As a Director on the Maidstone Lake Association she worked hard as the Welcome Wagon for new members to the Lake community. She was an avid quilter, creative basket maker, and enjoyed cross stitch. She was an avid swimmer, water skier, and fisherman. It was not uncommon to have several of her nieces, nephews, and grandchildren at her camp and getting them involved in many of these activities.

She leaves behind her husband, Alan, of 48 years; three daughters—Amy Ashbaugh (husband, Kurt and grandson, Kyle) of Rockford, MI; Julie Leslie (husband David and grandson Owen) of Poulsbo, WA; and Susan Torres (husband Luis and two granddaughters, Ella and Mary) of Bethlehem, NH; and one son, Ted DeJesus of Coventry, RI.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Bailey Funeral Home in Lancaster, NH. Those who may wish to send condolences may do so by going to . Visiting hours will be from 4-7 PM on January 12th. A service will follow on Saturday, January 13th at 10 AM at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Whitefield. In lieu of flowers, children’s books will be collected in her honor and donated to Delta Kappa Gamma at the wake or service. Or you may choose to make a monetary donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital or your local animal shelter.


Maidstone Lake Association

911 Maidstone Lake Road

Maidstone, VT 05905

Zoning Board

posted Nov 20, 2017, 9:07 AM by Bonnie Lovell

The Zoning Board is looking for new members starting 2018. If interested or for more information, please contact Bonnie Lovell, Town Clerk by email or call the office at 802-676-3210 Mondays from noon to 6 PM or Tuesdays 9 AM to 3 PM.

Greetings from your Maidstone Lake Association

posted Nov 13, 2017, 1:59 PM by Bonnie Lovell

Greetings from your Maidstone Lake Association!  

As summer has faded, the fall storm took power out for a few days and now we await the first real cold weather of the season - just in time for the hunters!  Hopefully, everyone has made preparations for the winter season at their camps!  Just a note about communications during power loss events.  As our number of full time families increases - please do your best to spread the word about outages or offer services (if you have generator) for those that may need access.  While we hope for improved internet, power, and phone services we cannot control the economics of providing these services to a remote location - so we while we wait for improvements - let's do our best to look out for each other. While old fashioned (non-electric powered) phones will still work (if the phone lines are not down) - not much else works well during these outages.  Perhaps - anyone who has a generator that is willing to provide a service - like storing refrigerated medicine, Internet, or phone service during an outage can let us know - we will publish that as a resource to our lake community.  Nothing like a good storm party! 

Thanks to all those who made the annual meeting this year!  There was a lot of great information from our guest speakers and we enjoyed some  great BBQ from Smoking T's. Please mark your calendars for Saturday July 7th, 2018 for our next annual meeting! 

Congratulations to Bill Sanborn who was the 2017 recipient of the Maidstone Lake Service Award.  Bill has, for many years, made significant contributions to the safety of our lake community.  Most recently - Bill helped to get the Helicopter landing zone completed and the Automated External Defibrillators purchased and installed.  Thanks Bill for all you continue to do behind the scenes to maintain & improve safety!

Looking for someone to run the Greeter Station for next Summer.  Please let Ken Watson know if you are interested in working the greeter station for next summer!  We lost the services of our greeter and this opens an opportunity for someone to get some part time work and be at the lake!

Many of you ask about the lake road conditions and grading schedule so we wanted to pass that there is a plan to grade the road starting later this week!   As we have mentioned man times - we are fortunate to have the Town maintain the lake roads. They have drastically improved since they have taken them over.  

Maidstone Lake History Books!  We still have some books for sale that would make a great present for Christmas or other gift opportunity!  We only made one printing so get them while they last! Simply email us and we will get you connected with a book!

Lake Levels are high!  Many of you have expressed concern over the level of the lake since the new Dam was installed.  We have been in communication with the State since 2015 regarding opening a conversation about either possible adjustments - seasonally or permanently.  It has been apparent that the lake level seems to take well into the summer to reach a consistent level and the winter ice is perhaps causing more gouging and shoreline damage to both the natural littoral zones and man-made shoreline structures which also cause damage the the surrounding ecosystem.  While there may not be any changes we are trying to ask the questions and engage in a dialogue.  Answers and movement on this is slow!

Logging Operations:  There are ongoing logging operations in the area accessed by the road near the Helicopter landing zone.  Be careful of logging vehicles!  Apparently they missed the turn and went all the way down to the campground the other day! 

At the Annual Meeting there were some changes to the Board.  Sally Pratt stepped into retirement.  Thank-you Sally for your many years of service to the lake community!    The current Directors are:  Greg Poer,"Sam" Gorham, Marna Ingerson, Linda Sanborn, Ken Watson, Chris von Alt, Bob Snowman, Marianne Bouthillier and Jim Mazzonna. Current Officers:  President: Jim Mazzonna, Vice-President: Ken Watson, Treasurer: Greg Poer, Secretary: Linda Sanborn.   

Our next Directors meeting is in May of 2018. 

We are pleased to pass along the following updates from the Directors!

News & Updates:

MLA Annual Meeting & Picnic  We hope to see you at the 2018 Annual Meeting & Picnic on Saturday July 7th of 2018 All are welcome!

The weather forecast is Sunny & 84 Degrees!  

Come hear about the happenings of the lake over the last year, enjoy some great food. More to follow on the food!


Please know that you DO NOT need to be a member to attend either of these great events - ALL are welcome!  We rarely have the opportunity to get together like this - so please come out and support your community. 


8AM: Coffee Social - Get there early - a good seat and cup o' Joe!

9AM-1100AM:  Annual Meeting - Hear about the amazing community effort it takes to protect & preserve our lake.  

Around 1130:  Enjoy some good food & camaraderie and hopefully Bruce Kimball on the Sax!


We really hope to get as many folks out to participate in both these events as it is our one time to pass along & share information and ideas while be updated on many important topics that impact the Lake community.   ALL are Welcome!


Safety Matters! - Automated External Defibrillator (AED).   Maidstone Lake has 2 AED's that are presently mounted and ready for service - one on the East Side and the other on the West Side.  The locations are 4488 Maidstone Lake Road on the East, and 37 Private West 2 on the West.  There is signage showing you to where they are located on the property and there will be further signage along the lake road to indicate their location.  

Maidstone Lake Directory: Did your email or other contact info change ?  If you would like to update,join, or validate your info  that we have in the current Maidstone Lake Directory - please email Kathy Frizzell at  This directory is voluntary and only shared with those who participate.  Once Kathy has compiled the updates - she sends the directory only to those folks who provided information.  The Association does not share that information.

2017 Membership Info:  It is not too late to contribute! You should have all received the membership information by email or snail mail.  Please take a moment to send it back in!  We count on your support for the programming & prevention stewardship focus of our lake.  Please click the link and you can print out & send in your membership for this year - we thank-you in advance!

Rubish & Recycling:  Just a reminder - recycling is back to every OTHER week - Mondays unless Monday is a holiday - then Wednesday. Please put your trash in containers that animals cannot get into!  Full schedule on Town of Maidstone Website.

Greeter Program & Shoreline Protection:  Our Greeter program is intended to help us detect any aquatic nuisance from entering the lake.   This summer our greeters inspected about 300 vessels and another 70 plus  vessels completed the sign-in sheet.  We will continue to support this program and hope it is all the prevention we need.  This season we have budgeted to cover launch for about 49 days (weather permitting). The other parts of this triad of programs is the Shoreline Monitoring program which helps us keep an eye out for anything abnormal along the shore and Lay Monitoring program that captures some quality measures of our water.   Please let Ken Watson know if you want to help out with that this year as we always could use more volunteers. Please email Ken if you can help.

Maidstone Lake History...Books still available - Great gift item Thanks for all your support as we have sold over 300 books! Email us and we will get you one!  The cost of the publication is only $35.  The book is 186 pages of color and some black & white photos along with the history of the lake & camps.  Pass the word to those who are not connected!  Thanks for the support!  For those who want to order online and want a book shipped:


Maidstone Lake Gifts:   Also... don't forget the great variety of items that Sam & Carol Gorham have for you to buy!  From shirts to hats to sweatshirts to all kinds of lake crafts - they have something that would make a great gift or something you buy as a gift and keep for yourself!  Contact the Gorhams at their camp or email us and we will get you connected.  

Gun Range - West Mountain Wildlife Area  The Vermont Dept of Fish & Wildlife has just completed a gun range located in Ferdinand on South American Pond Road.  The range is open from April 16th - Dec 14th from 9:30AM to Sunset.  It has 4 shooting lanes and looks like to goes about 100 yards. Rules are posted on site - see the photo attached. of the range.  Directions:  RT 102 to RT 105 - then 6.8 miles - Left onto South American Pond Road although there is no road sign - but rather the Wenlock West Mountain Wildlife sign. 1.4 miles on South American Pond Road - then stay to the Left.  Proceed 1.1 more miles and range will be on the right.  Also, you can access via Paul Stream Road if you want to take the back way in through the hills.  Be courteous - Pack out what you bring in!

Boating Safety: The boating safety course is available online at:

Doing work on your property?  Here is a handy worksheet to help determine what is needed when developing your property:  

MLA Directors Meetings & Feedback Loop:  

The MLA Directors meetings start in May and end in October. Next meeting is in the Spring of 2018- if you have any input - please reply to this email. 

Please email or contact one of the Directors if you have anything you would like to pass along.

The current MLA Directors are Greg Poer,"Sam" Gorham, Marna Ingerson, Linda Sanborn, Ken Watson,Chris von Alt, Bob Snowman, Marianne Bouthillier and Jim Mazzonna. 

Save Valuable First Responder Time!!  - Get your 911 Signage:  

You can still reserve/purchase your sign from the MLA.  If you don't have one - you really should so that if there is ever an emergency - first responders can locate your camp.  If would like to purchase a sign please email us at:

Your cost is our cost:  $10.  

 Maidstone Town News:  See the latest information & resources online at the Town of Maidstone Website.

Selectboard Meeting First Monday of Every Month - 7PM.  

Maidstone Lake Website:  Open 24 Hours a Day! Please explore the entire site that is full of reference material and other great resources – open 24 hours a day!

Photos & Videos wanted!  Please email some photos along so we can update the Website page!  We will put some of the photos right on the Home Page of the website!

Note: Our MLA mailing address has changed.  Please note our new mailing address is 911 Maidstone Lake Road, Maidstone, VT 05905-4509.  

Jim Mazzonna, President


Maidstone Lake Association

911 Maidstone Lake Road

Maidstone, VT 05905

Greetings from your Maidstone Lake Association!

posted Nov 13, 2017, 1:57 PM by Bonnie Lovell


The number 113 is significant.  That number is the number of Vermont bodies of water that have aquatic species in them as of April 2015.  113.  113 bodies of water have 9 varieties of Aquatic Species for a total of 186 species in these waters.   Maidstone Lake = 0.


There is a lot of news about various water quality issues across the State - whether is is the water you drink, bath, swim in, garden with, fish in, or recreate on.  While there may be a lot of debate over how to "fix" these sorts of issues - we know one thing for sure - we are pretty lucky in our little corner of the Northeast Kingdom.  We enjoy one of the cleanest lakes in Vermont by the standards used in the Lay Monitoring Program.


We hope to never have to face an issue with aquatic invasive species or deal with water quality issues that permanently degrade our lake.  We hope our greeter program and other efforts will continue to be the difference.  But the fact is we all make the difference - through awareness and support of a common goal.  


Trying our best to do the right things on our properties to mitigate the unabated runoff water flow into the lake, not using harmful chemicals on our lawns, maintaining septic systems, using best management practices to help naturally filter water run off, are things we can do to preserve our lake for those that follow.   


We are fortunate to have most (about 90%) of the MLA financial resources set aside in reserve funds to be prepared for some unfortunate event(s) regarding aquatic species or the like.  And each year ....we add to that reserve if there is any excess funds.  


We count on your support - not only through your actions as an owner - but financially as a member or annual contributor.  


As the season is behind us - perhaps you forgot to send the check in so....please continue or reaffirm your support by either joining or donating to the Association.   It is $50 a year.  Less than one months worth or Internet, your cell phone bill, or dinner for 2.    


We stand at about 110 members, and our goal is 100% participation.  Please know that dues monies support the greeter & associated water quality programs, the AED program, the Website, the Helicopter LZ, the MLA Service Award, and our Annual Meeting. Through the generosity of volunteers we generate revenue by maintaining the grounds at the dam & boat launch year round.  We also generate revenue through the Gorham’s' clothing & craft sales, website advertising, bumper stickers, and the raffle at the annual meeting.  Still- the bulk of revenue comes from our dues and those who donate.  And as mentioned - we take any excess monies over our very small budget and assign them to one of our reserve funds.  


So - thank-you for all those that have supported us over the years!  We cannot do this effectively without your support so we are grateful.


See the attached list from the State of Vermont for more details on the areas around the State that are impacted.


114 or 0?


Warm Regards,

Jim Mazzonna, President

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