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Garbage Woes....

posted Sep 18, 2015, 8:05 AM by Bruce Richardson
If you have been experiencing frustrations because you are trying your best to comply with the new recycling law and some things are not being picked up, you are not alone.  Please let me say right off that it is not the fault of our haulers, the Hodgdons.  They are just as frustrated as you are if not more.

The response to recycling has been tremendous. Here are possible reasons your items may not be getting picked up:

1. If they are not rinsed well, they will be left behind.
2. Tin and aluminum need to be separated into 2 different containers.  A magnet will stick to tin but not aluminum.
3. Manila envelopes and folders are considered cardboard.
4. If Styrofoam is stuck to your cardboard, the cardboard will be left.
5. Cardboard and paper need to be in different contaiers.
6. Cut up plastic chairs will not go through the shredding machines where our recyclables are delivered.
8. Plastic floating water toys do not go through the shredding machines.
9. Glass may be any color but should be in its own bin, not mixed with cans.

The Hodgdon's have been told that the recycling center is only taking plastics numbers 1-4 for the present.  This may change.  Some of the number 2's are also not acceptable like red solo plastic cups, cottage cheese containers & yogurt containers.

It will help the haulers fit more into their truck if you smash your aluminum & soft plastics.