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Green Up Day - May 30th - IT IS NOT CANCELLED

posted May 7, 2020, 6:27 AM by Amy Pear

From Kate Alberghini, Executive Director Green Up

While I was out delivering Green Up Day posters today, it was brought to my attention by a couple of you watching the Governor’s press conference, that in his opening statement he mentioned that people should get out and green up while walking “even though Green Up won’t officially happen this year.” 

I immediately called my contact (the Governor’s handler, Tracy Delude) with whom I have been working with for months now to making sure we were following all of the proper protocols for Green Up Day, and she assured me that he was only speaking to this weekend and that she would send me the link to the Press Conference.  Upon my review, I agree he is promoting the action of Green Up Day, but then, by saying “even though Green Up won’t officially happen this year,”  he does make it sound like Green Up Day is cancelled. I have reached back out to Tracy and have asked the Governor to make a clarifying statement during his press conference on Monday. 

Green Up Day is only POSTPONED to May 30th and certainly NOT cancelled. 

Until he can make a revised statement, I will be working diligently to make sure people know Green Up is moving forward. If you can help by continuing to positively promote Green Up on May 30 through your Front Porch Forums, town newsletters and on your own social media channels that would be so so helpful. I request that we NOT use the word CANCEL at all but ONLY promote that is it POSTPONED. - WHY, because some folks will only see the word cancel if glancing at it quickly and we don’t want any more misconceptions on the direction we are taking. 

This is certainly not what we needed this year but I am working on righting the misconception and we will persevere. 

I so appreciate all of your help by making me aware of the situation and for lifting our continued commitment this year.