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Greetings from your Maidstone Lake Association!

posted Nov 13, 2017, 1:57 PM by Bob Champagne-Willis


The number 113 is significant.  That number is the number of Vermont bodies of water that have aquatic species in them as of April 2015.  113.  113 bodies of water have 9 varieties of Aquatic Species for a total of 186 species in these waters.   Maidstone Lake = 0.


There is a lot of news about various water quality issues across the State - whether is is the water you drink, bath, swim in, garden with, fish in, or recreate on.  While there may be a lot of debate over how to "fix" these sorts of issues - we know one thing for sure - we are pretty lucky in our little corner of the Northeast Kingdom.  We enjoy one of the cleanest lakes in Vermont by the standards used in the Lay Monitoring Program.


We hope to never have to face an issue with aquatic invasive species or deal with water quality issues that permanently degrade our lake.  We hope our greeter program and other efforts will continue to be the difference.  But the fact is we all make the difference - through awareness and support of a common goal.  


Trying our best to do the right things on our properties to mitigate the unabated runoff water flow into the lake, not using harmful chemicals on our lawns, maintaining septic systems, using best management practices to help naturally filter water run off, are things we can do to preserve our lake for those that follow.   


We are fortunate to have most (about 90%) of the MLA financial resources set aside in reserve funds to be prepared for some unfortunate event(s) regarding aquatic species or the like.  And each year ....we add to that reserve if there is any excess funds.  


We count on your support - not only through your actions as an owner - but financially as a member or annual contributor.  


As the season is behind us - perhaps you forgot to send the check in so....please continue or reaffirm your support by either joining or donating to the Association.   It is $50 a year.  Less than one months worth or Internet, your cell phone bill, or dinner for 2.    


We stand at about 110 members, and our goal is 100% participation.  Please know that dues monies support the greeter & associated water quality programs, the AED program, the Website, the Helicopter LZ, the MLA Service Award, and our Annual Meeting. Through the generosity of volunteers we generate revenue by maintaining the grounds at the dam & boat launch year round.  We also generate revenue through the Gorham’s' clothing & craft sales, website advertising, bumper stickers, and the raffle at the annual meeting.  Still- the bulk of revenue comes from our dues and those who donate.  And as mentioned - we take any excess monies over our very small budget and assign them to one of our reserve funds.  


So - thank-you for all those that have supported us over the years!  We cannot do this effectively without your support so we are grateful.  



See the attached list from the State of Vermont for more details on the areas around the State that are impacted.


114 or 0?


Warm Regards,

Jim Mazzonna, President