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posted Jul 14, 2015, 7:18 AM by Bruce Richardson
I just mailed out all the letters with all the new recycling information to everyone that hasn't picked up their purple bags yet and passed it out to those who have picked up their bags.

We had an Emergency Selectboard meeting tonight because the Hodgdons asked if they could pick up recyclables every Monday until August 31st as the number of recyclable materials has increased so they couldn't pick everything up today.  They will be finishing up at the Lake tomorrow, Tuesday July 14th.

The Selectboard voted to allow the Hodgdons to pickup every Monday until Aug. 31st as requested.

Could you please post this on your websites and spread the word around.  I will prepare posters to be displayed at the Lake bulletin boards and other places in town.  I will be sending out postcards this time around!

Town Clerk - Susan Irwin