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posted Jul 18, 2016, 6:59 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis
July 11, 2016
CTO: 4:04 P.M.
ATTENDANCE: BCA Board members, Bradley McVetty, Gail Tattan-Giampaolo, Douglas Lord, Kyle Bouthillier, Bruce Hobaugh, Susan Irwin, the appellant Geraldine Gormley, Head Lister Elaine Hodge, and interested party Guilbert Desrochers.
Chairman Gail Tattan-Giampaolo explained that it was verified by the clerks call to VLCT that the BCA meeting held on June 15th was legal because Geraldine wanted to continue with the meeting even though it was noted that it was not warned legally.
Gail than presented the Inspection Committee Report (See attached) that was done on June 17, 2016 by Bradley McVetty, Douglas Lord and Gail Tattan-Giampaolo.  Geraldine Gormley was also in attendance. After reviewing the report, the following 2 items that were presented in the appeal by Geraldine Gormley in regards to parcel ID 06-097-073.000 were discussed:
1. The claimed justification for it “ADD ATTACHED SHED ON GARAGE” is incorrect as no shed has been added on the Property attached to the garage or otherwise. Accordingly, there is no justification for the increase in assessment by $1,600 (One Thousand Six Hundred Dollars and No Cents) and the same should be reversed.
2. All buildings on the Property remain as they have been since prior to its last assessment by the Town of Maidstone, with the exception of a deck that was removed from the Property, acknowledged by the Town of Maidstone to diminish the value of the Property by $1,346.00 (One Thousand Three Hundred Forty-Six Dollars and No Cents). Accordingly, the CiA should reflect a change in value from $289,500.00 (Two Hundred Eighty-Nine Thousand Five Hundred Dollars and No Cents) to $288,154.00 (Two Hundred Eighty-Eight Thousand One Hundred Fifty-Four Dollars and No Cents) to take into account the acknowledged $1,346.00 (One Thousand Tree Hundred Forty-Six Dollars and No Cents) in diminished value.
The appellant then had the opportunity to present any new information or evidence.  There was much discussion but no supporting documents were supplied.  The Head Lister than provided a list of similar egresses that were taxed. More discussion ensued.
At 4:30 p.m. Douglas moved to go into Deliberative Session. Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.
The decision was reached in Deliberative Session and will be written up by the Chair of the Board, Gail Tattan-Giampaolo. (See attached.)
Bruce moved to adjourn at 5:10 p.m. Bradley seconded the motion and the motion carried.
Respectfully submitted by the Clerk of the Board
Susan L. Irwin