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Draft Selectboard Meeting 06/05/17

posted Jun 6, 2017, 11:33 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis


June 5, 2017

CTO: 7:01PM

ATTENDANCE: Brad McVetty, Doug Lord, Kyle Bouthillier, Nancy Desrochers, Carroll Gorham and Linwood Mixer.

APPROVE MINUTES: Doug moved to accept the minutes for the April meeting.  Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.  Kyle moved to accept the minutes from the May 15, 2017 meeting. Doug seconded the motion and the motion carried. Doug moved to accept the minutes from the May 25, 2017 meeting. Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.

STEVENS-MCDADE CEMETERY: Bonnie contacted Jim McDade and he’s not against selling but would like more information and requested Brad call him. Brad will contact him and discuss more details with him.

SCHOOL BUS: School bus purchase for $1.00 is all set and papers will be filed after the school’s fiscal year which is July 1, 2017.

REAPPRAISAL: Bonnie contacted Ed Clodfelter and he said they could do an update on the current issues quickly but a complete town appraisal will be scheduled in 2019 maybe 2020. He will talk with James and see if there is a way to squeeze in the Town Reappraisal and get back to us. The estimated cost will be approximately $90 to $100 per parcel. The Town does have enough money in the Grand Maintenance Account. Bonnie also emailed New England Municipal Consultants who also do town appraisal for an estimated cost and still awaiting response. In 2009, the cost was approximately $82.00 per parcel. Doug motioned to start the process of the town reappraisal. Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.

HALL ROAD – BUYAK: Laura Wilson drafted a letter for Buyak. The board reviewed but did not approve. Bonnie will contact Laura Wilson and set up a time when she will be available to meet with Brad. Dennis motioned that Brad represent the Selectboard and meet with Laura Wilson. Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.

OPENING OF BOX CULVERT BIDS: The Selectboard received 4 bids for the North Road box culvert project. One bid was not accepted due to it not being mailed in and emails were not accepted. Kyle made a motion to accept Calco Inc’s bid for $55,541.00. Doug seconded the motion and the motion carried.

POLICIES: Bonnie has all policies completed that was recommended by Correttes & Associates. They have been emailed to the Selectboard for approval. Doug motioned that all the financial policies Bonne has done be accepted as written. Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.

AUDIT: Bonnie contacted Grippen, Donlan & Pinkham, JMM Associates and Wisehart, Wimette & Associates all of which do not do municipal audits. Also searched the VT Society of CPAs who do Municipal Audits and found not match. Bonnie also emailed Randall Northrop again to see if he had any suggestions as we are having a hard time finding a CPA who will do VT Municipal Audits. Randall suggested I search the VT Society of CPAs. Also, Nancy Desrochers has inquired on the status of the elected town auditors starting the 2016 audit, this has not been started. Chris Van Alt was in the office stated, he will get in touch with Jim and I left a voicemail with Donna Bouthillier. Doug mentioned he doesn’t believe they can audit 2016 financials.

LISTERS: The Town still looking for 2 Listers. Bonnie contacted Charity at the Town of Lancaster. They use North Town Associates for the assessors but they are not certified in VT. Bonnie also contacted 2 other companies (Record Appraisals and John Trumball) which both are not certified in VT. Bonnie did leave a message for the State of VT for a list of VT Certified Assessors on 05/10 and 05/22, still waiting for a response. Doug will get a list of assessors or send me a link to print off.

SELECTMEN’S WARRANTS: Reviewed and signed.

MONTHLY BUDGET: The monthly budget report was provided and reviewed.


NEKWMD sent a memo out stating that on 05/9/17 the board approved to eliminate the charge for glass as long as it was originating from a district town. Any outstanding bills can be disregarded and if any were paid, they will reimburse.

We will have a retirement party for Susan Irwin with the next 6 weeks. Details will be available on the website and Facebook. If anyone is interested in helping or bringing a dish, please contact Bonnie Lovell or Cheryl McVetty.

ADJOURN: Kyle motioned to adjourn at 9:43PM. Doug seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by Bonnie Lovell