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Draft Selectboard Meeting Minutes 05/01/2017

posted May 2, 2017, 9:12 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis


May 1, 2017

CTO: 7:07 P.M.

ATTENDANCE: Bradley McVetty, Douglas Lord, Bonnie Lovell, Dottie Hodgdon, Vaughn Hodgdon, Carroll Gorham and Linwood Mixer.

APPROVE MINUTES: Doug moved to accept the minutes for the April meeting.  Brad seconded the motion and the motion carried.

APPOINT TOWN OFFICICALS: Moved to June’s Selectboard meeting, need all selectman at meeting.

HODGDON’S TRUCKING: Issues with the hauler paying for the town’s glass. They have 2 invoices totaling $23.40 that is now past due because they don’t feel they should pay them. Questioned on why the town isn’t paying them? Brad called Paul Tomasi from NEKWMD and was told it was the haulers responsibility and all haulers were sent a letter in November 2016 (Hodgdon is not aware of this letter). Paul will take these issues back to the director for clarification or adjustment.

Recycling will be picked up every week starting now through the week after Labor Day. Any questions, please contact the town office.

TOWN ROAD & BRIDGE STANDARDS: Certification of compliance and annual financial plan were both signed and accepted.

STEVENS-MCDADE CEMETERY: Bonnie will contact Jim McDade to see if he is willing to sell the town some of his land for parking.

HALL ROAD – BUYAK: Bonnie request Attorney Laura Wilson draw up a legal letter on new on property.

LISTERS: The Town still looking for 2 Listers. Bonnie will contact other town offices regarding outside listers that may be an option.

ELECTRONIC RECORDS/COMPUTER: Brad motioned to accept the purchase of a new computer for $349.99 to start of electronic filing. Doug 2nd the motion and the motion was carried.

SELECTMEN’S WARRANTS: Reviewed and signed.

MONTHLY BUDGET: The monthly budget report was provided and reviewed.

OTHER BUSINESS: Signs for Maidstone Lake Road that were stolen a few months ago. Linwood Mixer suggested the need of signs for speed limits, stop signs, Maidstone Lake Road sign, etc. Brad assured him that this is in the works to be done.

Green up day – May 6th, 2017. Linwood has a supply of bags for anyone that is at the lake that would like to help keep Maidstone clean!

ADJOURN: Doug moved we adjourn at 8:26 p.m. Brad seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by Bonnie Lovell