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Draft Selectboard Minutes 08/07/2017

posted Aug 8, 2017, 11:12 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis


August 7, 2017

CTO: 7:00 PM

ATTENDANCE: Brad McVetty, Doug Lord, Bonnie Lovell, Bob Snowman, Bob Lancraft, Bill Sanborn, Bruce Hobaugh, Bert Desrochers, Nancy Desrochers, Carroll Gorham and Linwood Mixer.

HANNAH FAY (RE: Purple Bags): Hannah made a request to the Selectboard to supply her farm with 2 additional rolls because of the waste that needs to be thrown out. Doug moved to offer any business who requests extra bags, 2 additional rolls at no cost per year. Brad seconded and the motion carried.

BILL SANBORN – STREET NAMES: Bill requested that 3 private roads be given numbers and names. The Emergency Responders/State requires any road with 3 or more properties to be numbered in the State database. Bonnie will attempt to contact owners and come up with the 3 new road names. The town will order street signs as needed.

SELECTBOARD MEMBER: There were 4 individuals who showed interest in the Selectboard Position, Bert Desrochers, Bruce Hobaugh, Chris Von Alt and Bob Snowman. Doug moved to close to the public and go into an Executive meeting. Brad seconded and the motion carried. After reviewing all interested parties, the executive meeting was closed and reopened to the public. Doug moved to appoint Robert Snowman as Selectboard Member until March of 2018. Brad seconded and the motion carried. Doug moved to pay Kyle Bouthillier $250 for the time served on the board and Bob Snowman $750 for the remainder of the term. Brad seconded and the motion carried.

APPOINT ROAD COMMISSIONER: Doug moved to nominate Brad McVetty as Road Commissioner. Bob seconded and the motion carried.

APPROVE MINUTES: Doug moved to accept the minutes for July’s meeting.  Bob seconded and the motion carried

STEVENS-MCDADE CEMETERY: Brad will contact Jim McDade after he looks at how much land the town needs and will mark out the acreage.

DONATION REQUEST: Doug moved to deny a donation request. Bob seconded and the motion carried.

STIPEND FOR TRANSPORTATION OF STUDENTS: Doug questioned providing a stipend to residents having to transport their children during the school year. Bonnie will contact Lyn Schmucker and/or Michael Clark and discuss who is responsible or decides on this item.

LAND VALUE ON TAX BILL: Doug would like to consider how we can specify the land amounts on our tax bills. Bonnie will contact NEMRC (Ed Clodfelter) for suggestions and reach out to other towns.

LEOP: Doug will take the Local Emergency Operations Program training required for the town.

REAPPRAISAL: The Board was provided with a copy of a proposal from NEMRC (Ed Clodfelter) to do a town reappraisal starting in July of 2018. If no changes are needed, the board will sign the agreement after reviewing it.

ZONING LETTER APPEAL TO SELECTBOARD: After a lot of discussion on an appeal submitted to the Selectboard, the board has decided they are not able to act on this appeal. The appeal was submitted to the Zoning Board where they will act on it.  A special Zoning Board meeting will be scheduled.

HALL ROAD – BUYAK: Brad and Doug will go to the property and write up a statement to submit to Laura for review.

AUDIT: There hasn’t been any luck finding a CPA to do a single year municipal audit. There were a few more suggestions and Bonnie will contact them.

LISTERS: Doug moved to accept a Lister’s resignation. Bob seconded and the motion carried.

BOX CULVERT CONTRACTOR BIDS: We received 7 bids. Doug moved to accept the lowest bidder after speaking with Tim Ruggles on his satisfaction working with them. Bob seconded and the motion carried. The lowest bidder is Matthews Excavating.


SELECTMEN’S WARRANTS: Reviewed and signed.

MONTHLY BUDGET: The monthly budget report was provided and reviewed.

OTHER BUSINESS: No other business

ADJOURN: Doug moved to adjourn at 9:25. Bob seconded and the motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by Bonnie Lovell