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Draft Selectboard Minutes 10/03/16

posted Oct 7, 2016, 5:47 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis
October 3, 2016
CTO: 7:00 P.M.

ATTENDANCE: Bradley McVetty, Douglas Lord, Kyle Bouthillier, Nancy Desrochers, Robert Lancraft, Carroll (Sam) Gorham, Bonnie Lovell and Susan Irwin.
APPROVE MINUTES: Douglas moved to accept the minutes with the following correction: In the second paragraph under “Hall Road” in the second sentence, we changed “..three 18’ culverts” to “three 18” culverts. Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.
APPRAISAL PROCESS: We invited both Ed Clodfelter and James DeShone to come to this Selectboard meeting.  Ed wrote back that James was taking a class during that week and therefore he would not be available, and that he (Ed) would be unavailable all month because of a family matter. He attempted to answer some of our concerns in the letter. (See attached letter). Doug still has some additional questions that he will write down for our District Advisor. 
HALL ROAD: There are 2 issues involving the Hall Road.  The Clerk has been instructed to write a letter to Mr. Nugent informing him that next time he plans on doing any work on the Hall Road, a Town Road, he needs to notify the Road Commissioner. The second issue is the matter of the culvert that was placed in the Town’s Right of Way that does not meet our Town Road and Bridge Standards. He needs to replace it with a 15” culvert or remove the 12” culvert back onto his own land and leave a swale as a ditch line.
MOWING BIDS: The question was raised as to whether we should ask for mowing bids for 2017.  No action was taken.
CORRETTE AND ASSOCIATES: The 2015 Audit Report was reviewed. It will be posted to the websites, made available in the Town Office, and we will inquire as to the need for further means of notification and/or distribution.
CANDIDATE FORUM? No action taken.
SET MILEAGE RATE: Douglas moved to pay the Federal/State per mile rate. Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.
RADAR SPEED SIGN: No action taken.
SIGN SELECTMEN’S WARRANTS: These were reviewed and signed.
OTHER BUSINESS: The “Safety Inspection Report” from VLCT/PACIF was reviewed. Bradley is looking into getting new batteries for the lights on the Emergency Exit and we are purchasing a few more surge protectors. The Clerk will call VLCT/PACIF about a contract with our Road Foreman. 
Respectfully submitted by Susan L. Irwin, Clerk of the Selectboard