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Draft Selectboard Minutes 11/7/16

posted Nov 22, 2016, 11:16 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis


November 7, 2016

CTO: 7:00 P.M.

ATTENDANCE: Bradley McVetty, Douglas Lord, Kyle Bouthillier, Bonnie Lovell, Bruce Barker and Susan Irwin.

APPROVE MINUTES: Douglas moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.

HALL ROAD: 1. Mr. Buyak has not responded to or complied with the letter from the attorney and has done more damage in the Town right of way that will cause water to flow into the town road. Kyle moved to authorize Bradley to contact Attorney Laura Wilson on behalf of the Selectboard and set up a meeting with her to go view the property with him before pursuing further legal action. Douglas seconded the motion and the motion carried.

NEKWMD DRAFT BUDGET 2017 MEETING: Meeting information was given to the Board.

DRAFT OF UNIFIED TOWNS AND GORES OF ESSEX COUNTY LOCAL HAZARD MITIGATION PLAN: This document was made available to the Board so they could make comments and attend meetings if needed.

TOWN BUDGET: The Board started entering figures for the Proposed Budget. Bradley or Bonnie will provide a breakdown of the town highway budget for December’s Board meeting.

SIGN SELECTMEN’S WARRANTS: These were reviewed and signed.

OTHER BUSINESS: The Board was notified of the arrival of the monthly VLCT Newsletter and the Button Up Vermont day of action. They also discussed the Wetlands Protection Clean Water Act.  It was noted that a yearly permit will now be required and the Clerk will contact Heather Robinson of the Conservation District to find out what we need to do to comply. Kyle moved that Douglas Lord has permission to contact Doug Lay of the Vermont Property Valuation and Review Board with questions that still need clarification in regards to definitions when appraising properties. The Towns Purchasing Policy was also reviewed.

ADJOURN: Douglas moved to adjourn at 9:10 p.m. Kyle seconded the motion and the motion carried.