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Draft Zoning Board Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 27, 2016, 9:12 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis
Meeting started 7:15

Attendee- Sean McCarthy, Bruce Hobaugh, Mike Otis, Bonnie Lovell, Bob Lancraft, Lloyd Tippitt, & Bruce Barker

1)  6/14/16 Minuets - Motion to accept by Bruce, second by Sean---approved 3-0

2)  Zoning replacement sections 503 & 504 - Motion to approve by Bruce, second by Sean--approved 3-0

3)  Button Up Day- No P&Z members to attend

4)  Hooker property follow-up-- Mike revisited last week.  Some changes made, complete clean-up with trailer being removed back on property by the start of winter.  Mike will revisit end of October.

5)  Other zoning violations - Mike had three minor violations which were taken care of with out problems.

6)  Town Plan & Zoning Bylaws - items per Allison Low
        a) Adoption date of Plan-Bonnie gave her the date
        b) Final correction version of Zoning Bylaws- Bonnie took care of
        c) Seek Regional Approval- Sean mentioned that this was addressed at an earlier meeting where we
          said no to the suggestion.  Motion by Bruce to have Bonnie notify her, Sean seconed--approved
7)  Applications for Zoning permits-Mike said that a permit will be coming from Anderson's for a deck,
Bezio's to request a permit approval some time next year.

8)  Other business - Certificate of Occupancy Application---motion by Bruce, seconded by Sean to develop
a form.  Motion carried 3-0.  Bonnie was requested to search the internet for a form for us to work on.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, December 13.

Meeting adjourned 8:10