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Special Zoning Board Minutes 08/14/2017

posted Aug 15, 2017, 8:47 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis


August 14, 2017

CTO: 7:01 PM

ATTENDANCE: Bruce Hobaugh, Bonnie Lovell, Bob Lancraft, Lloyd Tippitt, Sean McCarthy, Mike Otis, Tammy Cunnington, Karl Fuller and Sandra Fuller.

FULLER APPEAL: Karl and Sandra Fuller was served with a letter from the Zoning Administrator to stop the building of their boathouse. The Fullers had an approved State Permit with detailed information regarding the repair of the foundation and reconstruction of the boathouse. The Board listened to both sides and went in to an executive session. The Board reconvened and stated they do not find any reason to override the State Approved Permit and will issue a letter to the Fuller’s to rescind the stoppage of building from the Zoning Administrator.

HOOKER PROPERTY: The Board has some concerns regarding 2 trailers on the Hooker Property. Mike Otis, Zoning Administrator agreed to visit the property and talk about the violations, if any and to request that they keep them parked back away from the road.

BUYAK PROPERTY: The Board has learned that this property has a septic type trailer on its property with no permits through the town or the state.  The requested that Mike Otis, Zoning Administrator, visit the property and site all zoning violations in a certified letter to Buyak. The Board also questioned if he is being taxed on the trailer. Bonnie will verify he is being taxed.

OTHER BUSINESS: The Board reviewed a prior approved zoning permit for Joseph Andreozzi after one member of the board noticed there was not a tree in place as specified on the permit. The Zoning Administrator was not aware of this and will visit and/or call and discuss with Joseph Andreozzi as the square footage is now possibly too large to be within the zoning guidelines.

The Board also discussed John Nugent’s camper which seems to be a “permanent” property. The Board would like to know if he is being taxed on the camper before sending any letters for any possible violations. Bonnie will verify he is being taxed.

ADJOURNMENT: Lloyd motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 p.m. Sean seconded the motion and the motion carried.