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Draft SB Meeting Minutes

posted Jul 11, 2017, 11:51 AM by Bob Champagne-Willis   [ updated Jul 18, 2017, 8:05 AM ]


July 3, 2017

CTO: 7:05 PM

ATTENDANCE: Brad McVetty, Doug Lord, Bonnie Lovell, Carroll Gorham and Linwood Mixer.

APPROVE MINUTES: Doug moved to accept the amended minutes for May’s meeting.  Brad seconded and the motion carried

APPOINT ROAD COMMISSIONER: The Selectboard was unable to appoint the Road Commissioner for lack of members present. Doug voiced that the town meeting spoke volumes on the work being done. Doug went on record that if there is an issue with the Road Commissioner, he will address it immediately. Carroll Gorham recommended to appoint Brad McVetty from the floor. Bonnie did contact VLCT Attorney and it is legal for a board member to vote for themselves. Doug stated it’s been too long of an issue and needs to appoint a Road Commissioner. Doug Lord appointed Brad McVetty as Road Commissioner. Motion was not accepted due to the lack of a seconded vote. Brad declined to second the motion due to conflict and will continue to act as Road Commissioner until next board meeting.

STEVENS-MCDADE CEMETERY: Brad will contact Jim McDade after he looks at how much land the town needs and marks out acreage.

REAPPRAISAL: Bonnie has not heard back from Ed Clodfelter on timeline for Reappraisal.

HALL ROAD – BUYAK: Bonnie will e-mail Laura Wilson to set up a meeting with Brad McVetty regarding issues. Brad and Doug will go to the property and write up a statement to submit to Laura for review.

AUDIT: Town Auditors will start doing 2016’s Audit. If the Town finds a CPA for 2016, the Town Auditors and CPA can work together on 2016. The Town Auditors will contact Bonnie to set a date for when they will meet. The Town Received a letter from Ron L Beaulieu & Company on auditing the Town records. Bonnie will contact them and if certified in VT, the board will invite them to meet with them and go over a plan and cost.

LISTERS: Molly Mclain stated she would be interested in the Lister position now. Doug moved to re-appoint Molly until March 2018. Brad seconded and the motion carried. We are still looking for another Lister.

BOX CULVERT BIDS: Doug moved to accept Ruggles Engineering’s invitation (with minor changes) to contractors to bid on box culvert construction. Brad seconded and the motion carried.

SCHOOL BUS –The Town is in possession of the school bus. Bonnie will call the ECSU office for paperwork to submit payment in the amount of $1.00. Doug moved to offer the bus to Gilman School for the amount of $1.00 after their August 2017 Meeting. Brad seconded and the motion carried.

SELECTMEN’S WARRANTS: Reviewed and signed.

MONTHLY BUDGET: The monthly budget report was provided and reviewed.


Maidstone Lake Association Annual Meeting: Sally Pratt invited the Selectboard to attend the meeting and bring along purple bags for Lake Owners. Doug offered to go to the meeting.

ADJOURN: Doug moved to adjourn at 8:43PM. Brad seconded and the motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by Bonnie Lovell