Maidstone Maps

 Updated February 15, 2023

Fire Services Coverage Map

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The Fire Services Coverage Map above depicts the areas of Maidstone for which emergency fire services are provided by Groveton Fire Department and the Town of Stratford. Maidstone's 911 Coordinator, Fire Warden, and Emergency Management Coordinator Bill Sanborn drew a yellow line from a point between Norman Young’s barn and Gary Young’s trailer on Route 102 that extends across the land and comes in where North Road and Hall Road meet. Stratford covers everything north of that yellow line, that is, Route 102 north from Norman Young’s barn, plus Bear Hill Road, Hall Road. Masters Road, Paul Stream Road, Paul Stream Pond, and everything at the Lake. Groveton covers everything south of the yellow line, that is, from Gary Young’s trailer at 2283 VT Route 102 down to the southern boundary of Maidstone, everything off North Road, and all roads off North Road.

Zoning Districts Map

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The Zoning Map shows the organization of the Town of Maidstone into the following zoning districts: 

“RL1”  Rural Lands One

“RL2”  Rural Lands Two

“L”       Lake

“P”      Ponds

“F”      Forest

“AZ”    Agricultural Zone

These districts are described in detail in The Town of Maidstone's Zoning Bylaw, posted online.

Vermont Agency of Transportation
Town of Maidstone Highway Map

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This map, created in 2016, records the length in miles of Maidstone roads and the highway classification for each road labeled with a number. See the key on the left, more easily visible in the larger version accessed by clicking on the map above.