Board of Civil Authority Meetings

Updated July 27, 2023


ZOOM Meeting Minutes - DRAFT July 25, 2023 6:30 PM

CTO: 6:30PM

ATTENDANCE: Amy Pear (recording clerk), Bruce Hobaugh (Chair), Heather Grana, Laurie Snowman, Andy Champagne-Willis, Brad McVetty, and Scott Lovell

Bruce made a motion to approve the February 20, 2022 minutes. Brad seconded. Motion carried.

After a brief explanation of the legal requirements of the Biennial Checklist Purge, the BCA was asked to review the voter checklist and update it. The BCA was told by the Town Clerk the list of people that had been removed from the voter Checklist since the last purge, due to a death notice, written authorization, or response to a challenge letter. (10 Individuals)

The Town Clerk brought up the following individuals, Andrew Kachmarik is believe to have moved to St Johnsbury, Scott Lefoll is believed to have moved to New Hampshire, Dorothy Hoth, she has spent some time here and owns property here (I will research this matter with the case law provided), Brenda Lovell is believed to have moved out of Maidstone, Bonnie Lovell, does not live in Maidstone she is still living in Lancaster, NH, Kate-Lynn McKenzie may no longer live in town, and Olivia Frable has moved out of town and is living in Lancaster. Motion by Bruce, to send challenge letters (6) out, seconded by Brad. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Bruce to remove the individuals who were challenged two years ago and are eligible for removal. Those individuals are Ron Allaire, Jessie Hooker, Sally Madden, Patricia Perro, Hannah Siebert, Lisa Tully, and Seth vonAlt. Seconded by Andy. Motion carried.

Motion was made to approve the election workers for a one year period, August1, 2023 to August 1, 2024. I made a motion to accept the election workers and alternates as listed on the Agenda (Andy Champagne-Willis, Bob Champagne-Willis, Jo Giampaolo, Sandy Gray, Suzy Irwin, Amy Pear, Linda Sanborn, Lori Sanborn, Elaine Hodge, and Laurie Snowman, as workers. Missy Brashears, June Lockert, and Kathy Lovell, as alternates) Heather seconded the motion. Motion carried.

A request was made for BCA member(s) presence at elections and hand count if possible. There was a brief discussion. No motion made. No vote taken. Andy Champagne-Willis, Bruce Hobaugh, and Heather Grana may be available to assist.

I notified the Board of Civil Authority that the Certification of Completion of Biennial Purge of the Checklist will be sent out to the Secretary of State.

ADJOURNMENT: Bruce made a motion to adjourn, Heather seconded the motion. Motion carried.

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