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This page was updated on 8/4/2022.

Hello Amy, (Town of Maidstone Residents)

I'm reaching out on behalf of a new school opening this September in Jefferson, NH. Heartwood Public Charter School is a K-8 school, starting with grades K-5 this fall. We will offer place-based and nature-based education. Heartwood is available to any student that is a resident of New Hampshire, tuition-free. Out-of-state students are also eligible to enroll, though tuition applies. We hope to draw students from Jefferson, NH and surrounding towns such as Maidstone, so we are trying to spread the word to inform families that this is a new school option available to them.

If you would be willing to list Heartwood Public Charter School on the town's website, it would be greatly appreciated. Here is our contact info to be listed, if possible, or just a link would be wonderful, as well.

Heartwood Public Charter School

30 Davenport Road, Jefferson, NH 03583

P.O. Box 346, Lancaster, NH 03584

(601) 460-1306


We know that some towns mail out newsletters with pertinent information for residents, as well. If you happen to have any newsletters that you send out, would it be possible for our information to be included on the next one? I can write up a short paragraph to include if that is an option, just let me know when it will be sent out (approximately) please, so I can tailor the information for the timing.

Thank you so much!

Britni Haley

Director of Development

Heartwood Public Charter School

30 Davenport Road, Jefferson, NH 03583

P.O. Box 346, Lancaster, NH 03584

(601) 460-1306


August 9, 2022 Primary Election results are now available. ElectionNightResultsReport_Local

Town Of Maidstone

Posting of Vacancies

August 4, 2022

The Town of Maidstone currently has the following vacant positions on the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Planning Commission.

Current vacancies on the Zoning Board of Adjustment: A minimum of two full member positions must be filled; two alternate positions are also open. In accordance with Maidstone Zoning Bylaw §504, six additional full member positions may be considered. At least the majority of members shall be residents of the Town of Maidstone, so at this time a non-resident may apply.

Zoning Board Positions that must be filled:

One year term expiring in 2023

Two year term expiring in 2024

Alternate member term expiring in 2025

Alternate member term expiring in 2024

Current vacancies on the Planning Commission: A minimum of one full member position must be filled; two alternate positions are also open. In accordance with Maidstone Bylaw §503, six additional full member positions may be considered. At least the majority of members shall be residents of the Town of Maidstone, so at this time a non-resident may apply. Additional information may be found at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G1IUb1zoKcs5Qkbx8hdfx50t8AjD_5a0/view

Planning Commission Positions that must be filled:

One year term expiring in 2023

Alternate member term expiring in 2025

Alternate member term expiring in 2024

A letter of interest explaining why you are interested and describing any relevant experience as well as any potential conflicts of interest, both financial and non-financial, must be received at Town Hall by 12.00pm on August 18, 2022, at either of the following addresses:

  1. maidstonetownclerk@gmail.com

  2. Maidstone Town Hall, P.O. Box 118, Guildhall, VT 05905

This posting will remain active until all positions are filled.

Any questions should be addressed to the Town Clerk.

Town Of Maidstone Posting of Vacancies August 4, 2022


8 a.m. to noon, 1342 VT Rte. 102 (Bradley McVetty’s) Acceptable Bulky items include but are not limited to: couches, chairs, mattresses, box springs, painted or stained wood, pressure treated wood, plywood, fiberglass insulation, roofing shingles, toilets, sheetrock, carpets, non-metal sinks & bathtubs, windows, propane cylinders, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners & non-recycle plastics. Acceptable Metal items include but are not limited to: metal sinks & bathtubs, stoves, grills, dishwashers, microwave ovens, water heaters, furnaces, conventional ovens, white goods metal car parts, pots & pans, steel copper brass aluminum and tin. Tires accepted for a fee depending on size and if on rim.

Type: Announcement

Subject: STYROFOAM RECYCLING coming soon to the Lyndonville

Posting Body:

NEW STYROFOAM RECYCLING PROGRAM starting August 6 at the Lyndonville Recycling Center!

The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District is excited to offer a new expanded polystyrene (aka “Styrofoam”) recycling program to NEKWMD residents and businesses starting Satuday, August 6 only at the Lyndonville Recycling Center. In partnership with FoamCycle, the NEKWMD is conducting a 6-month pilot project to collect and densify #6 expanded polystyrene foam. This collection program will be the first of its kind in Vermont, and we are excited to offer this new recycling opportunity to our residents.

Polystyrene foam is typically inefficient to recycle due to its light weight, making it costly to transport to a processing facility. FoamCycle’s patented densifier will allow the NEKWMD to collect foam and process it on-site into ingots for more efficient transporting. The ingots will be shipped to processing facilities where it will be made into molding and auto parts.

Please review our acceptable materials list found at www.nekwmd.org before recycling foam with the NEKWMD. This program is available to all district residents and businesses. Not sure if your town is in the waste district? Check out the map on our website’s homepage.

Thank you,

Shannon Choquette

Outreach Coordinator

Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District

Physical Address: 224 Church St. Lyndonville, VT 05851

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1075, Lyndonville VT 05851

(802) 626-3532

(802) 626-3519 Fax


NEK Council of Aging - Senior Companion Program - This could be a great opportunity for older adults to make a little extra money that is not counted toward taxes. Information is contained within the documents.

JP Independent Consent - This form is for anyone interested in being on the ballot to be a Justice of the Peace. The form deadline is August 12, 2022 by 5 pm.

RECYCLING UPDATE: If your recycling hasn't been picked up today (Wednesday, July 6) in town, Dottie reports that the vehicle is full. They will be back tomorrow to pick up recycling for the rest of their route.

Local Election Results - Congratulations to Bruno McKenzie and Scott Lovell. Thank you to those who ran and those who came out to vote.

Special Election Results 06-16-2022

Town of Maidstone

Special Election/Meeting will be held on June 16, 2022

Special Election Warning

Special Election Ballot



APRIL 20, 2022

In accordance with 24 V.S.A. § 961(a), the Selectboard of the Town of Maidstone hereby gives notice of two vacancies created by resignation in the office of Selectboard, effective April 4, 2022, and April 12, 2022. One vacancy is for a three year term, expiring in 2025, and one vacancy is for a one year term, expiring in 2023.

A Special Town Meeting will be held for the purpose of electing two new Selectboard members to complete the terms vacated by the two resignations. The date for that Special Town Meeting will be set by the Town Clerk and will be warned in accordance with Vermont State Statutes.

Candidates interested in being on the ballot for these Selectboard positions must complete the Local Candidate Petition form and the Local Candidate Consent form, both of which are available in the Forms section of the Town Website at https://www.maidstone-vt.org/documents/forms. In order to appear on the ballot, completed Local Candidate Petition and Consent forms must be submitted to the Town Clerk by 5:00 pm on Monday, May 9, 2022.


Brad McVetty, Selectboard

A Special Selectboard Meeting will be held on April 7th, the Agenda is available under Meetings, Selectboard.

Selectboard Meeting for 4/4/2022 has been postponed to 4/11/2022, the Agenda will be available the Thursday before.

All Selectboard Meetings are currently being held via Zoom. Links are posted.

The positions appointed on March 14th are filled in below. Please feel free to contact Town Hall if you have interest in any of the unfilled positions.

Organizational Meeting is part of the Selectboard Meeting on March 14th.

The Selectboard will be appointing interested persons to the following positions:

Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard - Mary VonAlt (appointed 3/14)

Administrative Assistant to the Zoning Board- Mary VonAlt (appointed 3/14)

Emergency Management Coordinator - VACANT

Fence Viewer (No Longer Required)- Removed (3/14)

NEK CUD Representative - James Mewkill (appointed 3/14)

NEK Waste Management Representative - VACANT

NVDA Representative - David Atkinson (appointed 3/14)

Planning Commissioners - Bob Champagne-Willis (appointed 3/14)

Road Commissioner- Bradley McVetty (appointed 3/14)

Town Agent- James Mazzonna (appointed 3/14)

Town Services Officer (No longer Required)- Removed (3/14)

Tree Warden- VACANT

Zoning Board of Adjustment - Chris VonAlt (term given on 3/14 till 2025) also on Planning Commission

Alternate- Bruce Barker(term given on 3/14 till 2025) also on Planning Commission

If you may have any interest in these positions or questions feel free to contact Amy Pear, Maidstone Town Clerk or any of the Selectmen.

UPDATE: March 1, 2022 The part has been delayed, Hodgdon Trucking is expecting a THURSDAY GARBAGE PICK UP THIS WEEK!


There was no garbage pick up today due to a mechanical problem with the Garbage Truck. They were unable to fix it today, due to a part they are waiting for.

They are making every effort to pick up tomorrow. They will keep me posted and I will keep you posted.


March 1, 2022

10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

508 VT Route 102, Maidstone Vermont 05905

Masks will be required in Town Hall on Election Day

Local Elected Officials and Article Items are on the ballot. There will be no vote from the floor this year.

The Town of Maidstone has secured COVID Test Kits for our residents, they will be available for pick up at Town Hall on Election Day.

Town Of Maidstone

The Town of Maidstone is looking to fill up to three (3) vacant position on the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Any Maidstone Resident who is interested in filling these vacancies, please mail or email a letter of interest to a member of the Selectboard, Zoning Board and/or the Town Clerk. This notice must be received by February 28, 2022, at 12:00 PM. After discussion and agreement by the remaining Board Members, an appointment will be made by the Selectboard.

Town Office: (802) 676-3210 , maidstonetownclerk@gmail.com, or P.O. Box 118, Guildhall VT 05905

Brad McVetty: (802) 676-3429, bradmcvetty@gmail.com

Bob Snowman: (802) 676-3484, bob.fbspaulding@myfairpoint.net

David Atkinson: (603) 481-1670, david.atkinson.nh@gmail.com

Roger Emery: 802-676-3536, emerylandr@gmail.com

Bob Lancraft: 802-676-3779, bobgator@peoplepc.com

2022 Town Warning

Notice to Voters - Ballots are available at Town Hall. This document explains the ways you can request an absentee ballot if you wish.

Maidstone Ballot 2022 - Sample

NEK School Warning and Meeting Notice - Monday, February 21, 2022 6:00 PM at Essex North Supervisory Union Office with Remote Option Available

NEK Choice Ballot FY23 - SAMPLE

NEK Broadband Meeting

What: Invitation to NEK Broadband Town Hall

Why: Explain NEK Broadband build strategy. Answer questions. Discuss ARPA funds.

Who: Your town NEK Broadband delegates, selectboard members, ARPA committee members. For the towns of Bloomfield, Brighton, Brunswick, Canaan, Charleston, Maidstone, Norton, UTGs, Holland, and Lemington

When: Friday, Feb 18 (5-6 pm)

Where: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86165179357

Dial by your location

+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 861 6517 9357

The Broadband Town Hall: Your communications union district, NEK Broadband, is holding a series of 7 Town Hall meetings. Each town has been assigned to one of the 7 Town Halls based on location, utility, and/or funding source. The purpose of the Town Hall is to have a brief overview of the status of the overall fiber to the home project as it pertains to your area and then to primarily answer questions. Part of the purpose of the Town Hall is to answer questions about the use of ARPA funds. For this reason, you may choose to bring folks from the Selectboard or from your ARPA fund committee. We will be showing maps and discussing our build strategy so these meetings will not be recorded and we will want to know the status of each attendee (delegate, town official, ARPA committee).

The Match: In the Construction Grant RFP issued on January 18th, the Vermont Communications Broadband Board offers a match to Town Fiscal Recovery Funds until September 15th.

Additionally, applicants will have the opportunity to participate in a Community Match Program to match town contributions of State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, to be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, up to a total of $16 Million. Towns are encouraged to reach out to the CUD or other eligible provider serving their area.

VCBB Press Release 1/20/22

NEK Broadband is pledging to use the VCBB match funds in that town AND to make its own match in that town so that $1 = $3.

The Choice: Using ARPA Town Fiscal Recovery Funds for broadband is entirely up to the town. We understand that with the new ARPA rules towns now have a very wide range of choices on how they use the ARPA funds. If you think your town is interested in broadband then we will put together a proposal for any town in which we think that a contribution can make a meaningful difference in time. If the town chooses not to invest the unserved and the underserved in the town will still receive service during our projected build time frame 2022-2027.

I hope to see you then!


Christa Shute

Executive Director


C.O.V.E. - Community of Vermont Elders - Information about programs and services offered that may be of interest. drive.google.com/file/d/1krHQhXSukOy9h4QgTKrgnFLJuIqFxhLy/view?usp=sharing

The Town of Maidstone - Amended Snowmobile Regulation Ordinance - has been added to the website under the Document Section and the Policy Subsection.

Information in Preparation for Town Meeting

March 1, 2022

Updated 1/24/22

The Maidstone Selectboard has voted to place the annual Town Meeting Articles on the Australian Ballot for 2022, pursuant to S.172.

January 13, 2022, last day for voters to file a petition with the Town Clerk to have an article appear on the ballot. Petitions must contain signatures from at least 5% of registered voters in the municipality.

January 24, 2022, no later than 5:00 PM, last day for Consent of Candidates and Local Candidate Petition forms for town offices to be filed with the Town Clerk. The Local Candidate Petition must contain signatures from at least 1% of registered voters in the municipality. The Governor signed a bill, the signatures are no longer required.

January 27, 2022, by noon, all Committee Reports must be submitted to the Town Clerk for inclusion in the Town Report.

February 24, 2022, at 7:00pm, the Maidstone Selectboard will hold an INFORMATIONAL MEETING conducted via zoom.

The teleconference will be conducted by the Selectboard on February 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM. Computer Log-on or telephone call-in number will be posted several days prior to the teleconference.

Posted: 01/03/2022

List of Elected Positions open for March 1, 2022

Moderator 1 Year

Delinquent Tax Collector 1 Year

Selectboard 1 3 Years

Selectboard 2 1 Year

Lister 1 3 Years

Constable 1 Year

Town Auditor 3 Years

Posted: 01/06/2022


The Board of Supervisors of the Northeast Kingdom Waste

Management District will be holding a public "informational" meeting on

their proposed 2022 Budget of $846,615.50. This meeting is open to all legal

voters within the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District. Copies

of the proposed budget maybe reviewed at your Town Clerk's office or a

copy maybe obtained at the District Office at 224 Church St., Lyndonville or

by calling (802) 626-3532.

MEETING DATE: December 14, 2021

TIME: 6:00 P.M.


The meeting will be held virtually via

ZOOM. Contact the Waste District

for Meeting ID Information.

In-Person Location - District Office

224 Church Street, Lyndonville, VT


Written comments on the proposed budget must be received no later than by

the close of business (4pm) on Monday, December 13, 2021. Comments

may be mailed to P.O. Box 1075, Lyndonville, VT 05851.

Please be patient with us while our website is under construction! Thank you in advance for your patience.

The November 8, 2021 Special Selectboard Meeting minutes are available please contact me by phone or email if you would like a copy. 802-676-3210 or maidstonetownclerk@gmail.com. I will be working to get the draft copy on the website as soon as possible. (Updated 11/22/2021, AP)


The Selectboard has moved the April meeting from April 4th to April 11th.

The Selectboard will also be holding a working session reviewing Dubois and King survey prints of east side and west side lake road on April 7th